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Is the end of the world coming?

According to the Bible YES - (2Peter3:10).

The coronavirus pandemic (also known as COVID-19) in 2020 was just a foretaste of it.


No one knows (Matt.24:36,42b) even Nostradamus nor the Maya peoples. Instead we are urged by the Lord to watch (Matt.24:42a) and be ready (Matt.24:44). This means that you should accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and to lead a life, corresponding to your confession.

Which are the signs?

Earthquakes and wars - it is true that they are constant fact through the history but now their intensity is unique and are nation-wide.

Another mark is the distribution of the Gospel among the nations - we have reached almost 99% of this prophecy of Christ in Matthew 24:14.

Now we wait the revealing of the Antichrist - person with huge political and religious influence and power (2Thes.2:4,Rev.13).

But the real question is

Are you ready for Christ's second coming?!